Step Up AT is an evidence-based customizable program that coaches teachers, teacher assistants, teacher support specialists, school districts, and other agencies to adopt evidence-based assistive technology (AT) practices shown to improve early literacy outcomes for young children (ages 3-5) with disabilities.

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Carolina Velasquez

  /  Carolina Velasquez
Caroline Velasquez, Ph.D. is a coach at Step Up AT

Carolina Velasquez, Ph.D.


Dr. Carolina Velasquez, Senior Research Associate, has 10 years of experience in pediatric translational health research. She received her M.S. in nutrition and her Ph.D. in exercise physiology from the University of Miami. Her work has primarily focused on obesity prevention interventions with diverse childhood groups in underserved community schools across South Florida. Currently, Dr. Velasquez is helping to lead the research components for the Step Up AT project.