Step Up AT is an evidence-based customizable program that coaches teachers, teacher assistants, teacher support specialists, school districts, and other agencies to adopt evidence-based assistive technology (AT) practices shown to improve early literacy outcomes for young children (ages 3-5) with disabilities.

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Professional Development for Inclusion & Assistive Technology

Learn about professional development resources and continuing education (CEU) opportunities available to teacher support specialists, peer coaches, teachers, teacher assistants, and parents to support their use of evidence-based assistive technology and inclusive practices for young children with disabilities.
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Early Interventions Lead to Improved Literacy

Children Not Reading at Grade Level by 4th Grade are at risk for Failing to GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL.

% of Children At Risk


Teachers & Assistants Making a Difference

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How We Can Help

Step UP AT offers school districts and agencies the opportunity to tailor assistive technology professional development to fit individual schools, regions, or entire districts for alignment with today’s special education needs.

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What We Do

Work with you to develop the right fit using our Practice-Based Coaching framework and online resources that provide the flexibility of reaching larger groups of educators, maximizing the potential of assistive technology’s positive influence on children with special needs.

Continuing Education opportunities for faculty and staff.

Practice-Based Coaching Framework


Full and half-day workshops.

Up Assistive Technology

Experiences From Other Agencies

You may be interested in hearing success stories from other school districts or agencies that have developed successful inclusion programs for early literacy.

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Monroe County Public Schools

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Overtown Children and Youth Coalition

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Centro Mater Child Care Services

Easterseals South Florida

The ARC of South Florida

United Community Options of Miami - Early Beginnings

The Debbie Institute at the Mailman Center for Child Development

Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Family Central, Inc.


Lending Assistive Technology

Step UP AT, in partnership with FAAST, offers school districts and agencies the opportunity to try implementing Assistive Technology in the classroom before they buy it.

Try assistive technology on a trial basis to determine which AT works best for your classrooms.

Save money by testing multiple types of AT and purchasing only what works for your educators.

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Step UP AT Learning Resources

Click on the images below to learn more about the value of providing program development to help educators implement Early Literacy and the application of Assistive Technology (AT).

Implementing AT in the Classroom Setting

Learn about ways to adapt classrooms to increase literacy opportunities through the use of assistive technology.

Step Up Resource Library

Get more detail about how to deliver guidance to other educators related to AT integration for children with disabilities.

AT Learning Modules

View our AT Learning Modules to get a full picture of how to provide professional development opportunities to your staff related to adapting their classrooms for early literacy achievement.

Assistive Technology Lending Library

Visit the FAAST AT Lending Library where you can test options for educators to try in the classroom.