Step Up AT is an evidence-based customizable program that coaches teachers, teacher assistants, teacher support specialists, school districts, and other agencies to adopt evidence-based assistive technology (AT) practices shown to improve early literacy outcomes for young children (ages 3-5) with disabilities.

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Parent and Caregiver Resources:

Android App List

iOS App List

List of Apps available on the iOS (Apple) Platform for early literacy

Assistive Touch - English

iOS Accessibility and Assistive Touch instructions in English

Assistive Touch - Spanish

Assistive Touch instructions in Spanish screenshot

Guided Access - English

Assistive Touch in English - Click for the PDF

Guided Access - Spanish

Assistive Touch in Spanish - Click to view the PDF

Demo Guide - English

Demo Guide - Spanish

Guia de Demonstracion (Demonstration Guide in Spanish)

Invert Colors - English

Invert Colors - Spanish

Parent Guide Kit - English

Parent Home Literacy Kit by Step Up AT is a parent resource for parents and caregivers can learn ways to adapt their home environment to engage their children in early literacy

Parent Guide Kit - Spanish

Step Up AT Parent Guide Kit in Spanish

Parent Tips - English

Step Up AT Parent Tip Sheet screenshot

Parent Tips - Spanish

Parent Tip Sheet in Spanish screenshot

Guided Learning at Home

Learn about literacy and assistive technology in the home

Writing Resources - English

Writing Resources - Spanish

Step Up Writing Resources in Spanish screenshot