Step Up AT is an evidence-based customizable program that coaches teachers, teacher assistants, teacher support specialists, school districts, and other agencies to adopt evidence-based assistive technology (AT) practices shown to improve early literacy outcomes for young children (ages 3-5) with disabilities.

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Assist Parent/Caregiver

Assistive Technology Services

Step UP AT is committed to providing parents and caregivers with opportunities to learn about assistive technology tools and strategies that assist and support your child’s development.
Image shows a parent with his child both looking at a tablet in the preschooler's lap reinforcing the adoption of learning tools used for children with disabilities for early literacy at home.

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Aren’t sure what AT is the best fit for your child? Our coaches are available to meet with you virtually. Request a Coaching Session for more information.

Ready to get started right now? Our Parent and Caregiver Videos are designed to provide the training that you need to use assistive technology to support early literacy today!

Give Your Child Literacy Tools!

Children Not Reading at Grade Level by 4th Grade are at risk for Failing to GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL. Let's come up with a plan to help your child achieve their best.

% of children are at risk


YOUR involvement makes a difference!

Meet the dedicated staff of Step Up AT who support the needs of parents and caregivers and educators with implementing assistive technology for children with disabilities to support early literacy

How We Can Help

Step Up AT empowers parents to use assistive technology (AT) at home to enrich language and literacy development, improve communication, and promote positive behavior with their children.

Step Make A Difference

What We Do

Step UP AT provides parents and caregivers with resources, training, and access to a lending library of devices designed specifically for your family based on your child’s needs.

Provide information on AT tools to help your child learn about the world around them

Direct you to resources where you can borrow AT

Assist parents / caregivers with IEP and IFSP information

Host parent/caregiver AT & literacy workshops

Walk you through free parent learning tours to acquaint you with AT basics

Up Assistive Technology

Early Literacy Resources

Step UP AT provides parents with access to programs designed to help their child reach early literacy milestones with the assistance of AT.

How to create low-tech AT resources at home

Access to parent networking groups

Connection to University of Miami Mailman Center family support groups


Lending Assistive Technology

In partnership with FAAST, Step UP AT offers parents the opportunity to try Assistive Technology in the home. Visit the Lending Library to explore AT options that may work for you and your child.

Select AT options based on the feedback from your coach

Try AT in your home before you buy

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Step UP AT Learning Tools

Learn about how you can help your children reach their fullest potential through the use of assistive technology. We are always here to support you. Click on the images below to be directed to tools you can use immediately.

AT to Help My Child At Home - Spanish

Click on the image above to learn how to help your child develop early literacy skills at home, in Spanish.

Parent/Caregiver Resources

Learn ways to use AT to adapt items in your home, available in both English and Spanish.

AT to Help My Child at Home - English

Click on the image above to learn how to help your child develop early literacy skills at home, in English.

Assistive Technology Lending Library

Visit FAAST's Lending Library offering AT designed specifically for preschoolers to help them develop their early literacy skills.